The proliferation of real estate investment funds over the past decade, together with the new reality of banking organisations and their high exposure to the real estate sector, have highlighted the important role of fund management in the current market. This type of outsourcing has led to a new, more professional way of doing things, with management teams which have vast experience in the sector.

The flip side of the coin can be found in the outsourcing alternatives on offer with regard to the real estate portfolio management for non-institutional property owners without their own structure. This segment has remained largely or completely unchanged over the past few years.

Our Services

The creation of Sensat is motivated by the conviction that a large number of property-owning families are dissatisfied with the real estate externalisation options offered on the market.

At Sensat we believe there is another method of dealing with property management, focusing on ways to respond to the true needs of owners.

Even though the ultimate aim of maximising the property value of the real estate portfolio remains the same, the way in which we propose to address the management and owner-manager relationship offers a differentiated, alternative service.

Alongside the real estate portfolio management, Sensat also offers its services to property owners who have their own asset-management structure (Family Office) but may need occasional help with specific functions or projects.

We would be delighted to explain first-hand the details of our interpretation of such an important issue for most property-owing families.

Our Clients

The management services offered by Sensat are aimed at:

  • Property owners without their own structure who do have external management but find it unsatisfactory.
  • Property owners with their own portfolio management structure who may need occasional support (lease & sales processes, specific projects, etc.)


Fernando Sensat has more than ten years’ experience in the real estate sector, working at leading companies in the respective areas: CBRE, Goodman, Inbisa and Caboel.

Having had the opportunity of working in the leading companies in the sector, with roles in business segments as diverse as consultancy, agency, development, construction and portfolio management, as well as in the main real estate uses (offices, logistics, retail and residential), Fernando Sensat has a vast knowledge of how the real estate sector functions as a whole.